Wedding themes can be used for all the pre wedding, main day and post wedding functions or it can be used in both pre wedding ceremonies and for the reception ceremony. If a wedding planner is planning your ceremony then he or she will plan it according to your budget. There are lots of unique themes, which are really innovative and creative. If you are opting for royal theme or romantic or fantasy theme than the overall budget will be high because this kind of theme requires heavy décor as one cannot cut down on the backdrops etc., as the whole effect would be lost. Another important factor to be remembered while deciding the venue is the size of the venue. An open venue would require more elaborate decor and lighting and thus it will be more expensive than indoor decoration.

Home decor is one of the most important aspects of a wedding celebration today as most of the ceremonies are held at home mainly the pre wedding ceremonies like puja or mehendi or a small sangeet or tilak ceremony. Home decoration can vary depending on the theme of the wedding. According to the theme the home can be decorated.If the theme is of a traditional and ethnic wedding than the décor should have colors, which

are very Indian like orange, red, maroon or bandhni drapes along with gold and zari tissue surrounding the entire living area. The same theme can be used on to the entrance and the lobby of the building. Flower theme is also a very good option to choose, as flowers look beautiful. Fresh flowers like roses, orchids, carnations, marigold, gerberas, etc. can give a very unconventional look to the usual décor.

If somebody wants to give a western look than that can be given by using colors, which are light like pastel shades, mauve, peach or sea blue and pink used with silver and fresh flowers like carnations, baby roses or lilies.

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